Responding to the Revenue Gap

Are you an Independent Pharmacy facing any of these issues from your current supplier?

  • You don’t buy enough to get a large rebate
  • Prices are just simply too high
  • Products are often out of stock
  • Suppliers with no VAWD Accreditation
  • Credit Terms not available
  • Unique products are non-existent
  • There’s a pharmacy present on pedigree (grey market)
  • No E-Pedigree ability
  • No EDI Capability (electronic data interchange)

Superior Wholesale Products and Value Added Services:

Industry Leaders

Leadership team with over 75 years combined experience working with big pharma/large wholesale as well as retail pharmacy/small wholesale.

Simplicity in Integration

Become a registered pharmacy in minutes. Access to products and options has never been easier.

Instant Communication

Our Customer Care Center is ready for all your questions and needs. We understand the importance of quick turn around.

Sales Support

Our knowledgeable sales team consist of all upper management. We work closely with you to access your pharmacy needs and identify ways to increase your profits.

Procurement Specialists

We take great pride in finding the products that you need. While we can’t always fulfill your product requests, we are successful more often than not.